About The Current Job

I'm currently working as a marketing manager in a small company for aluminum export business. I got this job in around March, 2023. It pays alright, but I'm not really happy with it since I only get 6 days off per month and my boss sits with us and monitoring us - not a healthy working environment at all!

What's my plan in the near future?

I have a plan to get a new job in the next 6 months. I guess I will start looking for it in July or whenever I feel like it. The preferred location is northwest of Zhengzhou since it is close to my new home, but I'm also open to other locations within 30 minutes of drive. The job should only have 2 days off per week. The company should have at least 50 employees in the headquarters so there's room for promotions.

What make me want to quit my job?

I don't see the future bright in this company due to various reasons. The first couple months, I tried many ways to get inquiries as many as I can. But my boss was blaming me for spending too much on Ads which wasn't even true. (1000RMB in 2 days). It is a competitive industry I mean COME ON! I have to admit that being lazy is one of the main reasons that I didn't bring the value I supposed to. I lost the interest to work quickly when the company shits on me.

Time is another issue. I don't have 2 days off like other normal jobs. I wasn't feeling too bad until life comes in the way. Not having full weekends makes it so hard to get other things done.