Making Money Online: Pinterest Affiliate

I came across a video today on Youtube talking about how to make $10,000 per month online by doing Pinterest affiliate. I know it sounds much like a scam but I did see a few people commeting that they've got their first commission. I'd be happy if I could achieve 10% of what she claims.

You need to have few basic things set up:

Firstly, search up 'Pinterest trend' on Google so you can create contents based on what's trending. If done properly, the content you created on Pinterest should drive some traffic.

Pinterest trend

Secondly, you need to create a post on Pinterest. Use the Pinterest trend as a basis. You can also create your own content. Remember to add the affiliate link to the post. You can use the tool to create the link. Remember that the affiliate should be the same topic with your content or at least share a similar audience.

After everything is setup, start hoping your content gets views and clicks. If it does, you should start seeing conversions. If it doesn't, you can try to create more content and see if it works. Remember to keep your Pinterest account active and keep posting content. If you don't post content, you will not get any views or clicks.