Some Thoughts and Plans about this Blog

This blog is hard coded and comepletely written in plain html. I don't plan to change that as I'm only writing it for my own use and I kinda enjoy making a vinilla website.

However, there are few things that are inconvenient for me to keep this blog updated:

1. It's hard to add new contents.

Everytime I need to add a new post, I will have to copy and paste the post template html file then change things like page title, header, post date, and so on. Then, I will have to upload the file to the server through Filezilla. I want to simplify this process.
I solved the problem by using GitHub Pages so whenever I want to add a new post, I will just create a new post from the template html file, change the things I want to change, and push the file to GitHub.

2. How do I host this blog?

I will host this blog on my own server. I hosted this blog on GitHub Pages with custom domain name.

3. How do I make this blog look good?

I will use the style.css file to style the blog. I will also use the style.css file to style the post template html file.

4. What about favicon and logo?

I will make or draw a black and white simple favicon. For logo, I don't have a plan for it.