The Panty Space

How did I come up with this weird idea?

I always want to do some side projects to make extra cash because I'm broke as hell. Porn tube is the first thing came to my mind but it isn't going to work for me due to the restriction. Then, I discovered this business of selling women used panties. It has a fairly low comptition and a decent search volume.

What's my connection to this business?

I'm not gonna predent to be a gentleman here. I once had a female roommate for 2 months in my early 20s. We shared a small condo with only 1 bathroom, so yeah, it is not quite convinient for her. I almost had seen her naked in the bathroom once because she thought I was not home. Since then, I started fantasizing about her naked body and sometimes imagined how I would sneak to her bed and fuck her at night.

One day, I saw that she hanged her wash panties on a string in her room through the door gap and I decided to go insde and perhaps jerk off with her panties. I was surprised that I found a unwashed panty besides her pillow. I didn't know what drove me do that but I took a deep sniff - nnpfffff, ahhhh. The aroma was a well blend of the scent of her vagina and a delightfull laundry smell. I then couldn't control myself to not jerk off with her used panty. Quite honestly, that was one of my best musterabation experience.

What phase is this business in?

I got the domain ready - This is so far the best domain name I could think of and get. And I have managed to setup the server and Wordpress installation with few necessary plugins and Astra theme. The very next things to do are looking for a suitable template and start building the website.

I'm quite confident about buiding the front of the website but a little concerned about the payment setup. I might encounter a lot of problems.