Welcome to my vanilla blog. I'm Mark from China. I made this blog with plain html, some css and maybe a little bit of Javascript if I have to. I will not be doing SEO for this site since it only serves as a note to keep me on track.

safe driving
Me Driving My Luxury Volkswagen Magotan with Safety

My Plans

My goal in 2024 is to find a consistent method to generate passive income online. I'm not aiming to replace my job but to make some extra money like $1000 per month or so. Currently, I want to try affiliate marketing since I've seen a lot of people getting money from it. I will try Pinterest and other social media platforms first, then move to ads eventually. And the other project I want to start is selling used panty and I do believe it can be a legit business. I also want to start a blog on a specific niche. With enough traffic, I could generate an income either through affiliate or ads.

As you can tell, I'm not settled on any of these ideas yet. I always came up with briliant ideas but I'm either being lazy or lack of motivation to start them. I hope this blog can at least make me understand how many oppotunities that I have missed, LOL.